You Can Grow In Your Small Apartment or Spare Bedroom, As Long As You Have Space.

Extraordinary Fresh Greens Grown Right At Your Home

Extraordinary Fresh Greens Grown Right At Your Home

The hTower tower promotes growth without the need for soil, just add water, your nutrients, and enjoy your first crop within 30 days.

Introducing hTower

The hTower is a hydroponic growing system designed for the urban grower. Grow more herbs and produce faster, with less space, and with less effort than traditional container gardening.

With the efficient nutrient delivery system, plants grow faster with greater yields.

Hydroponic Gardening Product Categories

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In addition to being an online retailer, CityGrowth has been designing new hydroponic products specifically for the residential grower since 2017.

  • The hTower is customizable to fit your needs
    You can grow many types of spices, herbs, produce and even fruit. Mix and match your crop to grow a full salad or enjoy the sweet scents of a flower garden. Select one, two, or three growth levels for a consistent crop and fresh ingredients every day.
  • The hTower was designed for the urban grower in mind
    For those who don’t know what the “h” in hTower stands for, it stands for hydroponics. It does not take up a lot of space, it is easy to use, looks chic and of course it produces fresh produce!

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If you want to grow the biggest, juiciest, yummiest plants you can possible imagine,
then hydroponics is the right choice for you.

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